We are ready to serve the tristate area, (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), during this crisis, cdc, fda compliant disinfecting and sanitizing services for home, office vehicles, warehouses, buildings, schools, in and out. Remember the virus survives long time on hard surfaces, don't stay in that infected area, just call us and we will ready to fight it for you sanitizing and disinfecting your house or business , now introducing our new service , auto disinfectant so you can drive in a safe vehicle keeping you and your family safe.

Our application process:

FIRST High frequency touch surfaces Doorknobs and handles light switches bathroom faucets Stair handrails Chairs, workstations, tables, phones.

SECOND use of non-toxic CDC, EPA registered approved chemicals, use of our fogger machine to rich every part of your house or business and allowing time to kill virus, bacteria, salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli, feline calicivirus. 

THIRD use of UV light for a period of time to work with the inactivation of microorganism, when the virus are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths to damage their nucleid acid, this modifies the DNA to be unable to reproduce rendering it inactive.


We are a company committed to providing highest quality in commercial and residential disinfecting and sanitizing, our goal is to exceed our clients expectation, We want everyone to work in a clean and safe area, to drive a clean and virus free vehicle.